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Latest cars for wrecking are at the top of page. These Ford vehicles are for wrecking only. Photographs taken upon arrival and are not updated.

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Boss Wrecking stocks a large range of Ford vehicles for wrecking. We are the top Ford wrecker in the Brisbane area. Visit our car yard today to see our full range of car parts and cars.

We offer a full wrecking yard service or self service. Ford engine and gear boxes can also be fitted on site. Please call ahead for pricing and part enquiries.

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Ford Wreckers & Spare Parts

While Ford is an American car brand it’s Australian subsidiary has been around since 1925. The company designs, engineers and imports cars, SUVs and trucks with leading fuel economy safety technology and quality. Ford Australia has produced some of the countries most popular commercial cars including the Ford Feista, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Ford Ford Escape SUV and Everest SUV just to name a handful. In 2017 the Ford Ranger was Australia fourth most popular car model.

Boss Wrecking

Boss Wrecking has been providing it’s clients with quality parts and superior service for over 25 years. If you are looking for second hand Ford parts our 9 Acre Superstore has what you need for a good price. Whether you need parts for your car, or a new engine and gear box our experienced staff will be there to assist you. Boss Wrecking has new cars arriving to it’s yard everyday so if you don’t find the Ford part you are looking for today, you’re sure to find it tomorrow.

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